On the Disconnect Between Body Sensations and Mind Desires: Diet, Lifestyle and Agency (Conformity that Generates Change)

Maria Luiza Campos


This essay investigates the relationship between educational level and two choices of appetite control techniques provided by the Weight Watchers (WW) program. The WW self-help group was chosen because of my familiarity with the program as a member. Specifically, this ethnography will relate to my experience as a WW member in four different settings for the last seven years. My first experience was in New York City, where I attended WW meeting on the Upper West Side in Manhattan for eight consecutive months (2000-01).  My Canadian experience includes a  Toronto branch, where meetings were held at the supermarket  Loblaws (2002) for three months; then in the town of Huntsville, Ontario, also in a supermarket chain, Independent (summer 2007), and I have recently been attending weekly meets in central Toronto, at the Jewish Community Center, adjacent to the University of Toronto campus.

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