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Vol 1 (2009) A Discussion of Theories Relating to Population Dynamics of Passenger Pigeon Populations: Abundance and Extinction Abstract   PDF
Samantha Cassista
Vol 1 (2009) Canada’s Connection: Importation Laws of Canada and the Illicit Trade in Cultural Property. Abstract   PDF
Christopher J. Melnick-MacDonald
Vol 1 (2009) Cultural Interaction and Funerary Art in Graeco-Roman Egypt. Abstract   PDF
Kelly-Anne Pike
Vol 1 (2009) Fair Coffee Fare: The Benefits and Limitations of Fair Trade Coffee Abstract   PDF
Juliana Vegh
Vol 1 (2009) Gendered Nationalism: The Role of Women in creating Nationalism in Socialist and Post-Socialist Romania Abstract   PDF
Natalie Ellis
Vol 1 (2009) Karate, Baseball and Politics:Hybridity and the Martial Arts in Modern Japan Abstract   PDF
David Rusak
Vol 1 (2009) Kay Anderson’s Thinking “Postnationally”: Identity and Space in Canada and Australia. Abstract   PDF
Emma Neubauer
Vol 1 (2009) Olynthus’ Agora: A Spatial Assessment Abstract   PDF   Appendix #1   Appendix #2   Appendix #3   Appendix #4   Appendix #5   Appendix #6   Appendix #7   Appendix #8   Appendix #9   Appendix #10   Appendix #11
Bryan Wyshnicki
Vol 1 (2009) On the Disconnect Between Body Sensations and Mind Desires: Diet, Lifestyle and Agency (Conformity that Generates Change) Abstract   PDF
Maria Luiza Campos
Vol 1 (2009) Primate Body Size–Home Range Relationships; A Comparison between Four Locomotive Techniques. Abstract   PDF
Claire Bennett
Vol 1 (2009) The Caledonia Land Dispute Abstract   PDF
Illusha Nokhrin
Vol 1 (2009) The Hunger for Home: Nostalgic Affect, Embodied Memory and the Sensual Politics of Transnational Foodways. Abstract   PDF
Nicole Dawkins
Vol 1 (2009) The Importance of Squier and Davis’ Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley to the Modern Archaeological Approach Abstract   PDF
Steven Dorland
Vol 1 (2009) The Olynthian House: Habitus, Home, and Greek Identity. Abstract   PDF   Appendix #1 and #3   Appendix #2 and #4   Appendix - Control
Mark Dolynskyj
Vol 1 (2009) The Prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the Portuguese Speaking Community in Toronto. Abstract   PDF
Corina Tudor
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